InCIMa4 infrastructure for SMEs

The cross-border research infrastructure InCIMa4 is open to SMEs, which can access the advanced research laboratories for synthesis and characterization of functional materials, derived both organically and synthetically. The infrastructure offers the possibility to see inside of materials and know their intrinsic properties, through functional, morphological, and chemical characterization techniques on different scales, from nano to macro, and in different operating conditions. The correlation of the synthesis of materials with their properties through the chemical morphology of their fundamental elements is a crucial factor for the development of intelligent materials and the creation of innovative, more efficient, and environmentally sustainable products.

SMEs can send their support requests with details about the problem needing resolution. The InCIMa4 researchers work with the SMEs to understand the problem and plan a detailed laboratory testing program.

Industrial applications


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Research services offered to SMEs 2020 – 2022

During the life span of the project (01/10/2019 – 30/09/2022) the SMEs in the program area could freely access the cross-border research infrastructure InCIMa4 through submission of peer-reviewed R&I proposals, presented by the three set deadlines and assessed based on scientific quality.