InCIMa for Science and SMEs

Through 2 projects financed by the Cross-Border Cooperation Program Interreg V-A Italy-Austria (ITAT1023-InCIMa and ITAT1059-InCIMa4), a network was created among 3 research institutions (Elettra Sincrotrone Trieste, Salzburg University of Applied Science, and Paris-Lodron University of Salzburg) and 3 institutions for technological education (Area Science Park, t2i and Innovation Salzburg), constituting a cutting edge cross-border infrastructure for research in multi-technique characterization of intelligent materials.

EU financing made it possible to enhance the infrastructure in terms of instrumentation and researcher skills/specializations (InCIMa4Science), and to allow 13 SMEs in the program area to test the infrastructure investigation technique for free on materials of their interest (InCIMa4SMEs).

InCIMa4 initiated a structured collaboration between the academic sector and the SME sector, increasing their technological and innovation potential, while reinforcing the research infrastructure.


InCIMa for Science

The Italy-Austria cross-border research infrastructure for the development and multi-technique characterization of intelligent materials was developed by partners through 2 projects: InCIMa and InCIMa4.

Technical and human skills for the development and analysis of intelligent materials were reinforced, with a focus on new tannin-based polymers and low cost plasmonic structures, implementing protocols for integrated analyses and enhancing the instrumentation for “in operando” and nano-scale characterization.

InCIMa for SMEs

SMEs operating in a range of sectors, including, for example, food and feed, green construction, food packaging, polymer coatings, new wood-derived materials, etc., can access the InCIMa4 research infrastructure and receive support from highly specialized researchers who are keenly aware of industrial demands.