Results obtained – InCIMa 4 Science


The InCIMa project developed the cross-border research infrastructure, while InCIMa4 enhanced the instrumental part of the project and the skill set, maximizing the synergy and joint benefit of all the researchers from the institutions involved in the project. The specifics of the instrumental upgrades are presented below, with the list of scientific publications by the InCIMa4 researchers using the infrastructure for academic purposes and the 13 SMEs involved in the project.

  • Nano-scale infrared characterization: optimization of performance of the photo-thermal expansion (PTE) method of the neaSNOM microscope at the SISSI-Bio line for morpho-chemical analyses of complex matrices at the nano-scale;
  • 3D infrared analyses: Implementation and integration of the set-up for infrared tomography, for 3D morpho-chemical tests at the micro-scale;
  • Raman characterization visible at the nano-scale: optimization of performance of the Raman S&I MonoVista CRS+ spectrometer (update of control software of the Raman spectrometer and the AFM Nanonics Multiview 2000);
  • In-situ and in-operando at IUVS: hardware and software upgrade of the UV-Resonant Raman facility for “in operando” experiments for academic and industrial users;
  • Optimization of the UV-Raman microscope: Hardware and software upgrade of the set-up of the UV-Resonant Raman microscope for chemical analyses at the micro-scale;
  • Optimization of lignin extraction techniques for production of bio-foams and bio-materials;
  • Multi-scale X-ray tomography: new software and integrated pipeline for analyses of tomographic images obtained through R&I projects of the involved SMEs;
  • Publication of 23 scientific articles connected to the project activities.