Wood Processing

The UM&UM company from Salzburg in Austria deals with everything that has to do with building, renovating and refurbishing. One of the focal points is carpentry and timber construction for interior and exterior use. For threading the wood, the company uses the Japanese method “Yakisugi” for charring wood surfaces, which focuses on both the aesthetics and the durability of the wood.


Wood can be carbonized by controlled thermal decomposition (pyrolysis) to form a monolithic carbon surface for aesthetical or technological purposes. Wood with carbonized surfaces can also be used for interior decoration. Despite the marketing potentials, these carbonized products have not yet been characterized for the aforementioned applications, both morphologically and chemically.


Two different charring processes were considered and investigated by means of X-ray micro-CT, revealing distinctive modifications of the internal structure of the carbonized layers that impact on their mechanical properties and durability. The diverse morphology is accompanied by distinctive chemical characteristics of the layers, as revealed by both IR and Raman spectroscopy. Different state of chemical order of the carbonized materials and grain size of the carbon aggregates were highlighted.