Processing of natural stones for architectural and furnishing projects

Lavagnoli Marmi has been working with natural stone for 150 years. The company has developed great expertise in their processing and can propose to the market complete and complex architectural, structural and furnishing projects for indoor and outdoor spaces. Driven by beauty and experience, Lavagnoli Marmi R&D explores the most advanced technologies, enabling the creation of fine artifacts. These are the values that characterize the company and the way it operates, achieving the true sustainability that starts with people and extends naturally to the environment.


As part of their sustainability concept, there is a great interest in exploiting marble powder dispersed in appropriate polymers for further use in 3D printing. The main challenge is to explore how these components mix and find out which are the main variables into play.


Different types of mixed materials were studied from a morpho-chemical point of view. Interesting details on the deposition of the mixture were observed with the X-ray microCT measurements, while the distribution of the different components was highlighted by FTIR microspectroscopy