Tailor-made Polyurethane Solutions

Since 1979, Carùs is a manufacturer of polyurethane for refrigeration purposes and other composite material, designing tailor-made solutions. Polyurethane foams are a technology in continuous evolution. The most common application of this material is in solid form, and its versatility lies in the ease of obtaining rigidity or flexibility according to the industrial needs. In this context, the INTIVATO preformed cores developed by Carùs are a set of polyurethane core materials which can be molded, reducing production costs and wasted material.


Traditional polyurethane foams are not strong enough to resist at the working conditions of the production of composite materials. INTIVATO has been developed to overcome the traditional PU limitations, with a focus on the press forming technology, which is suitable for mass production. The interest of Carùs is studying the chemical and morphological properties of different foaming processes of polyurethane rigid foams.


Chemical and morphological details among differently prepared polyurethane foams were outlined by the combination of FTIR imaging and X-ray micro-CT. The outcomes on having a better understanding of the properties of the materials and their comparison with others will help setting new developments for application in the transportation and wind power.