Design and manufacturing of items from recycled materials

Alisea is a manufacturing Company that has made reuse and recycling a form of corporate identity. Customer’s idea are transformed in objects by using the most diverse recycling or waste materials, treated with innovative processes of transformation, guaranteeing quality standards. Thanks to the commitment to the circular economy and to the philosophy that guides Alisea, in 2019 the company obtained the legal status of Benefit Corporation and in 2020 the B Corp certification, thus becoming part of a global network of companies that are committed to respect high social and environmental sustainability performances in order to generate positive change.


It is in Alisea’s interest to investigate the potential applications of graphite in businesses other than those commonly known. In particular, new construction materials are being studied with fire resistant qualities, which are composed of a mix of inert materials, already normally used in construction, and graphite, an additive of interest for its specific chemical-physical characteristics (i.e. thermal and electrical conductivity, mechanical resistance, etc.).


The full potential and complementarity of Elettra and PLUS InCIMa4 laboratories were exploited to identify morphological and chemical changes in the “new” material after fire exposure. The techniques used were FTIR and Raman spectroscopy, that give a comprehensive chemical overview of the samples thanks to their specificity, while X-ray micro-CT has been exploited to identify their morphological characteristics.