The third and last call of InCIMa4 ended with the positive evaluation of five proposals presented by four Austrian SMEs and one from Italy.

The approved projects involve the study and research of new materials, mainly through efficiency and resistance analysis and spectroscopic techniques, with applications in the fields of therapeutic research, advanced engineering and green building. The purpose of the proposals presented under inCima4 is in fact to improve the production of innovative materials and their life cycle in order to mitigate the environmental impact and be increasingly sustainable.

The criteria underlying the evaluation of the various proposals were the competitive advantage brought by the use of InCIMa4 facilities, the contribution of the experimental plan to the development of products/services/technologies, the potential effects of the expected results on society and the environment. In addition, an additional score was awarded to possible cross-border collaborations (Italian SMEs accessing Austrian laboratories and vice versa).

The final scores (on a scale of 1 to 10 + 3 additional points for cross-border collaboration) awarded to the five selected proposals range from a minimum of 7.8 to a maximum of 11.6 with four proposals that received the additional score thanks to the planned cross-border collaborations.

All tests will be scheduled in the laboratories of Elettra Sincrotrone Trieste, Paris Lodron University and Salzburg University of Applied Sciences by spring 2022.